Thank you Kokanee, Hollywood Hill, and John Muir Elementary!

I recently did my first school visits and I had a blast! The kids were such good listeners and had great questions. I will never forget the little boy who came up to me and said, “I know that I’m a writer and I plan to be an author one day.”

I have to thank Tabatha and Mara, the Usborne reps who graciously set these up for me. We had so much fun!

I heard a lot of great pig stories and saw some great pig art!

The kids loved my slides of Pig Peace Sanctuary. They were delighted to see 160 pet pigs all living in one spot and they loved that all of the pigs are gardeners! (They’re growing tomatoes and pumpkins in their compost pile.) Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of that but here are two pigs with my daughter that I included in the presentation.

Thank you again to all the kids who listened to me talk, scratchy voice and all. You guys are the best!

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