A Garden for Pig by Kathryn Thurman

A Garden for Pig

“A surprise and a hoot!”

“A hilariously memorable story about perseverance, patience, and the fun of organic gardening.”
Suite 101

Do you know that pigs can grow gardens? Well, neither did I. It wasn’t until I saw a squash garden that a pig had planted all by himself that I became a believer. My son, three years old at the time, had the biggest laugh when he realized how it had happened. The pig had eaten the squash and the seeds had gone all the way through him. Ploop! And out the other end. Did you that some seeds are designed to go through the digestion system? It actually helps them in the growing process. So not only did this very smart pig provide the seeds, but he tilled the soil with his snout and fertilized, too! The take away—pigs are great gardeners!

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