Artist & Author Kathryn Thurman

Meet Kathryn Thurman

To the young writers and artists out there, don’t give up! The world needs your stories, and your viewpoint on the world even more. There is only one you, and YOU are AMAZING!

I’m a writer for children of all ages, a fine artist, and a lover of all things creative. For as long as I can remember I’ve put my thoughts and feelings and doodles down on paper. Sometimes I know where I’m going with a story, but sometimes I don’t and that’s okay. I’ve learned that even simple concepts can grow into stories with profound meaning. Add to this— interesting characters with interesting problems, and I’m hooked! I’ve spent the better part of my life engaged in the process of writing for children. For me, there is no greater honor.

Kathryn is available for school visits.  Contact her to learn more!