Pay it Forward20110201042215

Pay it Forward

Kathryn ThurmanFebruary 1, 20110 comments
I’m participating in a fun writing contest called, Pay it Forward. As part of the contest, I’m to mention someone who has really helped me...
New Painting20101202155008

New Painting

Kathryn ThurmanDecember 2, 20100 comments
I’ve been back in the studio and it feels great. Here’s a piece I recently finished. The building is our well house and it’s been th...
Wow, excited to be on Smithsonian’s gift guide list!20101201021548

Wow, excited to be on Smithsonian’s gift guide list!

Kathryn ThurmanDecember 1, 20100 comments
I’m thrilled to learn that A GARDEN FOR PIG made it on to number ten on Smithsonian’s gift guide list. Go Pig!! http://blogs.smithsonianma...
Thank you Kokanee, Hollywood Hill, and John Muir Elementary!20101101205214

Thank you Kokanee, Hollywood Hill, and John Muir Elementary!

Kathryn ThurmanNovember 1, 20100 comments
I recently did my first school visits and I had a blast! The kids were such good listeners and had great questions. I will never forget the little boy...
Up Coming Events20100917090930

Up Coming Events

Kathryn ThurmanSeptember 17, 20100 comments
Up Coming Events -Sept 19th, Orcas Island Writer’s Festival- 3:30 at the Orcas Center. I’m excited to be presenting at this years Orcas Is...
The Piggy Who Didn’t Go To Market, but His Book Did20100612163416

The Piggy Who Didn’t Go To Market, but His Book Did

Kathryn ThurmanJune 12, 20108 comments
The Piggy Who Didn’t Go To Market, but His Book Did I’d like to start by saying this blog post is dedicated to one very special pig. It’s time I share...
New Studio, New Phase20100519204503

New Studio, New Phase

Kathryn ThurmanMay 19, 20100 comments
New Space, New Phase There are only a few clouds in the sky today. The bay is emerald green and rippling from a slight breeze that rolls across Turtle...
A Visit with Farmer Rhonda20100419191954

A Visit with Farmer Rhonda

Kathryn ThurmanApril 19, 20102 comments
Learning about Ecology and Community with Farmer Rhonda Here we are. Spring has arrived like a fresh start, filled with the promise of abundance. Baby...
New Painting20100417210008

New Painting

Kathryn ThurmanApril 17, 20100 comments
New Painting It’s been a while since I’ve posted a painting but here it is. This is an old barn down the street from where I live. I finis...
A New Sprout20100411065609

A New Sprout

Kathryn ThurmanApril 11, 20100 comments
A New Sprout All I can hope is that around every dark passage there will be some light and inspiration. Inspiration is fleeting and when you find it, ...
My Dad’s Passing20100319034357

My Dad’s Passing

Kathryn ThurmanMarch 19, 20101 comment
My Dad’s Passing I have to let my readers know that I’ve been slow to blog because my life recently took a very unexpected turn. It was le...
Chickens on the Move20100217055359

Chickens on the Move

Kathryn ThurmanFebruary 17, 20100 comments
Chickens on the Move Last fall, while on my way to school, I noticed some chickens in the pasture on my neighbor’s farm. Big deal, right? I know it’s ...