Let the Cowgirl Out! 1/28/2010

I never thought I’d be a blogger but I’ve recklessly turned the corner and, well, here I am, some distance away from my comfort zone. I’ve started the new year with a new website, new blog, clean closet, and a new attitude. For my website and blog, I have the fabulous team at Blackwave to thank. Talented, patient, and committed, I couldn’t have asked for a better team of folks to make this happen. Thanks guys!

The clean closet and attitude…well, that’s all me. So, I’ve dusted off my cowboy boots and I’ve hung up my cowboy hat, all to remind me that I will bravely go where I never thought I’d venture, to the untamed land of bloggers. Shy by nature, and prone to standing in the dark corner of a crowded room, I’m going to change my ways, saddle up this wild pony, and kick some blogger fanny. Of course, my wimpy side is asking, “What if you fall off, what if you fail?” To that I reply, “Nonsense!” As part of my commitment to my new cowgirl attitude, I’ll be posting a new painting each month of some of the fabulous sights that crank my wheel around these, here, parts. With any luck, I’ll crank yours too! Let’s ride!